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How to Get Your Picture Hating Man to Agree to a Photo Session

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

I don’t know of very many men who like to get their pictures taken. Do you? When you mention it I’m sure you hear lots of moaning and groaning. He wants to do ANYTHING, but pictures! So how do you get your man to agree to pictures??

Sometimes the non-posed pictures end up being the favorite!

First of all why don’t men like doing pictures? Here are some of the reasons I think they don't like them.

  • It's stressful!!

  • What if the kids don't cooperate?

  • They know you want the perfect picture and what if that doesn't happen?

  • They have to wear uncomfortable clothes.

  • It's takes too long.

  • "I don't like to smile."

Here are some ideas I think could help to convince them.

  • Don't spring pictures on him. Give him a little warning ahead of time. However not too much time as you don't want him having this time to come up with a bunch of excuses!

  • Let him help in planning the day and time for the pictures.

  • Let him wear comfy clothes.

  • Tell him you'll help make it faster by planning ahead of time what poses you want.

  • Agree to do something for him in exchange for agreeing. I have an idea what he will probably say he wants in exchange (wink, wink!)

So how can I help address some of the reasons he hates pictures?

  • I work with kids all of the time and I have quite a few tricks on how to get them to cooperate.

  • In the event we can't get the kids to cooperate I have no problem rescheduling for another day. I want you to get good pictures.

  • I can certainly move as quickly as I can to make the session go faster.

  • I can make it fun. I've sometimes had to bring out my fart blaster for Dad. No matter how old a man is he usually never grows out of potty humor!

What do you think? Could these suggestions possibly get a “yes” from them? If they agree I would love to do a session for you. Send me a message and we can get something set up. However make sure to check first with your man as they will definitely not come along if it’s during a big game!

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