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Why You Should Do A Maternity Photography Session

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

When I was pregnant with my kids I did take bump pictures every week or so. I never did a maternity photo session though. I can’t remember if it wasn’t very popular then or I just didn’t think about it. Now that I do maternity sessions I have to say I regret not having them done. I loved being pregnant and it would have been nice to have photographs to look back from this special time in my life. So why do I think you should do maternity photos?

You’re Going to Miss Your Bump

If you’re currently pregnant with swollen ankles, back ache, fatigue you may think no way will I miss being pregnant. Being pregnant is such a miraculous time. Feeling your baby moving and kicking. For me it was a surreal experience. I do miss it and I think you will to!

You Deserve to be Pampered

Pregnant women are beautiful! You are beautiful! Why not show your beauty off. When I do maternity sessions I like blowing a fan at the future Mom to make them feel like a model. If you think you will be nervous those nerves go away soon as I keep things fun and laid back. I recently did a retreat with Natasha Ince and learned how to do different poses and how to do the lighting. You will look amazing! For all of the hard work you are doing growing your little miracle you deserve to be pampered.

Capture your Joy and Anticipation

You have so much joy and anticipation for your future with your little one. As you are busy raising your child, life no doubt will be busy and you’ll most likely forgot this special time. Why not have some pictures to look back to remember how you felt.

Bond with your Partner

Having photos done with your partner can be a great time to bond before things get busy with your newborn. A time to capture your love with the new life you’ve created.

I hope I've helped you see why you should consider doing a maternity session. I promise you won't regret it. If you'd like to set up a session or have any questions, message me at

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